Create with Code: Apps, Web and More

New name: CSCI 1300 Create with Code: Apps, Web and More

Credits: 3 hours

Short description: The 15 week semester is divided into 5 week parts with one project every 5 weeks. These projects include: Scala (or some basic coding introduction), App Inventor (app development), and Web Development. Once a week, there is an in-class workshop, where students are allowed to go around the room and view each other’s developing projects. This workshop helps to unify the class, fight the bro-culture in tech (because everyone is supporting each other), and develop ideas. There are no tests just project check- up. There can even be a humanitarian aspect, or you could even have an overall theme. But really, the course should inspire creativity and develop computational thinking skills. At the end of the semester students will have basic coding understanding, will have created an application, and will have a personal website for themselves to use in the future.

Why: This course is needed because it encourages everyone to establish a basis of code literacy, which is necessary in order to understand our tech-focused world.

Prerequisites?: There would be no prerequisites required for this course and it would be a part of the Common Curriculum. Therefore, anyone would be able take this class at any time throughout their career here at Trinity.

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