HTML & CSS: My Experience with Code Academy

I decided to do the HTML & CSS lesson on Code Academy as a basic introduction to coding. Unlike many of my peers who learned HTML & CSS because of neopets or what have you, I never got into that so I never really learned the basics. It wasn’t until college that I started wanting to know how to code and how to create things or change things using code. Before singing up for Code Academy I had no coding experience whatsoever. No computer class in high school or my first year of college had even touched upon how to use coding languages.

The Code Academy lesson was easy to follow and I liked that I could go at my own pace and stop whenever I wanted. The lesson is broken up into six parts and each part has two sections to complete. I finished five out of the six parts, so in total I did ten sections. HTML & CSS were much easier to understand and complete than I initially expected. It was very basic coding and easily applicable to things I already do, such as blogging.  The language wasn’t something I was familiar with,  but after doing a couple of lessons it was easy to remember the basic structure of the code and how it should work. I also dabbled in Javascript for a Mobile Gaming class I’m taking, but I won’t share that screenshot since I basically turned a dungeon game into a game about cosmetics. What can I say? Coding and lipstick go hand in hand for me. Though Code Academy may not be the greatest end all resource out there for coding, I think it’s a great introduction to different coding languages and might be a nice gateway into more complex things. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to start dabbling in coding and feels apprehensive about it. To me, a beginner, it seems like a good website for people with limited coding experience to start learning how to code. Nevertheless, I know some people can get frustrated with Code Academy, but I think it’s still a great way to get people interested in coding.


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