I did not Cry



Coding is pretty amazing because it encompasses the wonders of language and the technical aspects of math; through analytics. As such I am no expert at languages and I almost detest math. Before creating a page on Codeacademy I have to admit I was a bit intimidated as I had almost no prior experience with coding. It was however much easier than I originally expected. I thought I was going to cry through the whole experience and yet the site was so helpful in guiding me step by step. If coding is the interest of anybody I would definitely advice using Codeacademy, it is so helpful for starters and as a basic introduction. My favorite aspect were the simple instructions that each step laid out, it was not only easy to understand but easy to follow with right after. I don’t think that I will be spending much more time on it since coding would have to be a language I want to pursue further, but it was definitely something I’m proud of trying.

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