Learning HTML: How To Make Life (easier)

I have my own blog, so I did have one very minor experience where I tried to play around with CSS, but I wouldn’t say I learned anything from trying to teach myself. Going through the tutorial on HTML and CSS on codeacademy.com was the first time I had ever really attempted coding, so I was definitely a novice or beginner. I was very nervous going into the tutorial because I thought learning to code was going to be very difficult. I was pleasantly surprised. Codeacademy.com makes coding seem really easy, especially since they break it down into very manageable steps. Rather than being thrown into the middle of a webpage with lines of code on it, they have you actually create the lines of code one line at a time. This was really helpful because you get to see what each line means by creating it instead of just looking at it and reading an explanation.

The code I was working on.

The code I was working on. The step-by-step method makes coding seem really easy.

I will definitely finish this tutorial because learning HTML and CSS will help me make my blog the exact way I want it and I won’t have to rely on the templates I’m provided anymore. If I find that I am using these languages quite a bit, I will consider learning another language through code academy as well. Since I do want to work in a facet of the tech industry, it will be helpful to know the basics of several different coding languages so that I have a good foundation to learn even more in the future. There are a few friends I would recommend codeacademy.com too. I have several friends who like to create things and make things their own and I feel like they would really enjoy playing around in the tutorials. I don’t think I would recommend it to my parents because I don’t think they have the patience to learn to code–especially line by line!

My "finished" product. I figured out how to center to text and picture on my own and even created a hyperlink picture.

My “finished” product. I figured out how to center to text and picture on my own and even created a hyperlink picture.

I do think this is a GREAT place for beginners, however. By the end of the tutorial section I was working on, I started to play around and learn how to make things happen on my own. You can also go back and start the tutorial over from the beginning, which I think is really helpful because you don’t have to rely on memory as you go farther into the tutorial. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience on codeacademy.com and I can’t wait to continue learning how to code!

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