My Code Academy Experience

For my coding assignment, I found the overall experience to be somewhat challenging, but very satisfying. Regarding my previous level of expertise on the topic before working on the website, I had had about a novice’s knowledge on how to properly code based on my experiences in my small website design class from freshman year. That said, I was still somewhat out of practice and had to do my best to get back into shape in my coding process. For me, coding with this programming was a little bit difficult, mostly because I had to re-learn some of the things I had initially practiced in my website design class. I had a bit of trouble figuring out how to properly add in images and website URLS as well as how to properly structure a title. But the more and more I pressed on, the easier I found coding to be and I think that the experience was really very rewarding for me. Therefore, I would definitely enjoy taking part of more of the tutorial on the Coding Academy website and I would definitely recommend the site to friends since I feel that it was very helpful in helping me get back on top of the coding process. I sincerely believe this is a good place for people with limited coding experience to begin learning how to code as it offers a step by step way to produce effective coding material and really helped me figure out just what I was doing. As you can see below, I had a lot of fun with this assignment, using my love of dinosaurs in a way that was able to blend them into the code I made. Overall, I think this was a very entertaining and satisfying assignment. Coding is loads of fun and I don’t imagine why anyone would not want to learn how to do it. The perks are simply too great!

___Dinosaur screen code grab

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