Codecademy Reunion

As a computer science major, I am familiar to the plethora of online coding tutorials and interactive sites. From Treehouse, to Khan Academy, and many more, there are lots of opportunities to learn code online. One of my favorite sites is Codecademy. Back in high school, I used Codecademy to learn basic HTML and CSS. I loved it so much, I even started to learn JavaScript over the summer. The easy to use interface, and great tutorials (which have some hilarious jokes too)  truly make coding a fun and rewarding experience. The easy to reach goals also encourage you to continue, and the things you are able to create are quite impressive.

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.55.29 AM

For this coding experience, I decided to play with JQuery, another web development language you can learn about on Codecadmy. I loved the interactivity and the simplicity of the language. Spending time with this website was such a happy reunion.

I encourage everyone to join Codecadmy and start learning today. You might even find yourself enjoying it so much that you will end up finishing the lessons in no time!

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