Coding Day Camp: Python

Prior to this assignment, my experience with coding would probably lie somewhere on the scale between beginner and intermediate, but probably way closer to the beginner side. I am currently in Intro to Programming, in which I have been learning how to code using the program Processing. I’ve heard that Processing uses a bit more difficult language than Python, so I decided to try learning Python this time around to see what the similarities and differences are. It started off easier than I thought it would be, as many of the logic concepts and syntax were similar to that of Processing, but as I continued it got to be a bit more complicated. The logic was starting to get a little confusing, but the examples in each step really helped out a lot. I especially liked the way in which the lessons were set up to relate to practical situations in which you can use coding in real life, such as going to the grocery store or planning a trip. Many people think programming is only useful for people who build massive, complex software programs, but these tutorials showed how you can incorporate it in your own everyday life.

I definitely want to continue this tutorial and start tutorials for other programming languages through Code Academy as well. I felt really motivated while doing this and continued coding past just 90 minutes; I think I’m 40% of the way through completing the Python tutorial. I looked at the profile the website creates for you, and I liked seeing how many badges I had earned and noticed that they have a “streak” count, showing how many days in a row you’ve been coding. I want to try coding a little bit each day so that streak doesn’t go back to 0. I would definitely recommend Code Academy to my friends, my parents and my siblings, even if they don’t know they are interested in learning to code. Many kids take keyboarding tutorials in school, but very few take coding tutorials, so if they want to learn how to code it is a skill they have to learn on their own later, and this is a perfect way to do so. I think people with very limited coding experience or none at all can still learn from Code Academy because it explains everything very clearly and you cannot move on to the next lesson until you’ve correctly coded each step within your current lesson.


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