Coding Day Camp: Ruby!

Introduction to Ruby!

Introduction to Ruby!

I do not believe I have ever sat down and learned a lick of any computer language. Or if I had some time in the past, I was unaware that I was “coding”. All I remember from computer class in preparatory school was a lesson plan which incorporated a program that had a turtle on a white canvas. In this program, on the right hand side of the screen, there was a bar of tools and a box for typing in commands to make the turtle do actions. For example, I would tell the turtle to take ten steps forward, turn ninety degrees, and walk forward twenty steps. I just remembered speeding through the lesson so that I could play the Sonic Underground game. Honestly, I remember that game and collecting rings more than the computer lesson, unfortunately.

I really did not have any expectations when deciding to tryout coding through I just thought it would be a challenge learning a new language as it is with all languages. After completing one segment of the “Introduction to Ruby” course, I am confident that it is doable—it just takes time and effort on my part. During the process, I had to retrain my logical thinking patterns to the Ruby language, I did have questions and wondered if I was able to do more sophisticated commands but my coding showed up syntax error when I did. Baby steps, it is just the beginning! What this lesson taught me was that programming language has many rules that follow certain logic. Once that logic is grasped the whole language can be mastered with tremendous amounts of practice. This site made it so easy, especially because of the user-friendly interface, to learn that I immediately texted my brother, who is one year younger than me, and told him to learn any programming language he wanted! I definitely feel the urgency to learn some coding and I was apprehensive at first because I did not start earlier with a formal computer class at Trinity, but this process was easy enough and I certainly will continue with the lessons during my spare time. It is absolutely free so why not? God bless the people who created this brilliant website.

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