Commencing Creative Coding on Codeacademy

This isn’t my first rodeo. I’m a computer science major who else well versed in the ways of code. Codecademys target audience is most definitely not aimed at users such as myself.  However, I did see how it might be extremely helpful for users who have never written a program in their life. The step by step instructions and lessons were very clear and covered some of the basic programming fundamentals quite well. The wide variety of languages and frameworks in which they offer tutorials/lessons is impressive as well. I did a few sections of the Javascript tutorial. I’ve never written much javascript before, but from what I can tell from this experience, it’s fairly similar to most other object oriented languages out there.

My biggest question is who comes up with these dialogues?

My only gripe is how all of their tutorials are too detailed. Codecademy is only geared towards brand new programmers. While it does that job very well, it’s rather tedious if you are just trying to pick up the basics of a second or third (etc…) language. I remember trying Codecademy my freshman year to check out some Java in addition to the Python I was already learning and, even then, I found it quite slow paced and boring/off-putting. Granted, this is just my personal opinion since I would much rather just start getting my hands dirty and figure it out on the go. I do think that being able to investigate and figure something out on your own (so you can start running without learning to take the baby-steps every time you want to try something new) is a very integral part of computer science in general!
Basically, if someone had never coded before, I’d highly recommend they step through an entire course on Codecademy. However, after they get that intro experience under their belt, there are better learning resources out there that can teach you the same things faster. Nothing beats a real person helping you along the way either!

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