First Time Coder

Coding screenshot

Starting out the coding lesson, everything was new to me. I had never before attempted to code. The tutorial I chose was HTML & CSS, because it seemed just a tad bit more familiar than the others were (I had seen “HTML” before…somewhere).

I actually found that the programming language was easier than I had imagined it would be. In the HTML course, the instructions were pretty straightforward and had helpful hints to enlighten me along the way. Much of the terminology was pretty literal and obvious like <head> or <body> for headings and body paragraphs.

I would actually like to continue using this site and take a crack at building my own website. I found it to be extremely helpful and it could be a potential skill for future employment. The instruction is pretty plain and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend Code Academy to anyone who is just starting out, especially for my friends who already have some sort of understanding when it comes to computers. It might be little difficult for my parents to understand because there is already an expected level of computer knowledge. For my parents and others like them, they may want to start out with a computer literacy class first.

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