My First Coding Experience Ever!

Code Academy

Over the weekend, I used Javascript for the first time ever. Not only that, if was my first time ever learning how to code. To be quite frank, I was dreading the idea of sitting in front of some computing program and having to type out lines of code. Five minutes into my coding experience (Java Script via Code Academy) I couldn’t have felt more differently. I really felt like I was learning how to build things right in front of my eyes. For someone who has never spent any time programming, seeing the computer screen do the things that I told it do was invigorating. I hope that programmers who have been coding for a long time remember that first feeling when they entered their first sequences of code. After my first 60 minutes of programming, I did not want to stop. I kept wanting to learn the basics, and it made me have visions of programming my own website. I know it sounds redundant, but there is so much customization thats possible with coding at the palm of my hands.

Code Academy Badges

Code Academy was so great because they break all of these steps down in easy ways that allows people who aren’t very tech literate to still understand how to use a number of different programs. If you have any problems, Code Academy will check your work and offer suggestions as to where you might’ve had problems (assuming there are errors in your work). As I mentioned earlier, I was afraid to get into coding because I thought it would be too overwhelming. After my experience with Code Academy and Java Script, I think I want to go back for more. In our class, we have talked about the importance of knowing how to code. Now that I have seen it first hand, I couldn’t agree more. For any and all persons who are thinking of getting involved with coding I strongly recommend you visit Code Academy. I was a novice and I felt comfortable with the way the language was presented to me. Code Academy offers a number of different programs you can learn about, whether its HTML, Java Script, CSS etc. Whatever you are looking for you can probably find it at Code Academy. I recommend you try it for yourself, and I think you will have a similar experience to that of my own!

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