The J stands for John – jQuery

I got a badge!

I got a badge!

I don’t really think I’m an expert in anything but I also wouldn’t call myself an intermediate. I’m a comp sci major so I’ve definitely coded before but there’s also a lot I don’t know about coding! I actually thought this was a bit harder than I thought. I haven’t really done much programming on websites – outside of basic HTML/CSS – so I wanted to try out jQuery. I’ve learned a few languages but it’s really weird coding websites. The syntax is markedly different from C-based languages – python, Java, C++. Lots of parenthesis, dollar signs and nesting functions. The tutorial was pretty helpful and jQuery was great because of how visual it was. There’s something very rewarding about jQuery’s animations and special effects.

I think coding is important and Code Academy is a good avenue to learn but I still think there’s nothing like having someone who cares about the subject and the learner. A physical coding camp, a friend or a class would, in my opinion, be the best way for a complete beginner.

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