Andrea Acevedo

Interview with Andrea A, Trinity University First-year CS student

What got you interested in CS?

I think there is just so much that you can do with computer science. Computer science just opens the door to a lot of different things. Like, everything nowadays needs computer science; we’re all on our computers.

Have you noticed any serious gender gap in your CS classes?

Oh actually, the class that I was in, like the whole front row in the computer science lab was made up of girls. There was actually a really good amount of girls in there.

So, you withdrew from the introductory computer science course this semester, what prompted you to do so?

Well, my grades weren’t that great, and I felt like if I started over next semester I could do better. Because I really want to do [computer science] but it wasn’t working at this point. And I just need to start over.

So you’re still interested in CS? First semester didn’t deter you?

No, I know I can do it. I just need to be in the right mindset. I just did not really come in that prepared and just the whole starting off college and everything—it just wasn’t the right time for me yet. All of the professors are really enthusiastic and really encouraging. And I really like that about here. Computer science is definitely something that you have to come into and be ready to read a lot and actually really follow along with the lessons. If you slack off a little bit you are going to get left behind. So I suggest before taking [CSCI-1320] maybe get the book beforehand and watch a couple of the videos for Scala. And keep up with the reading and do the homework, because computer science is hard but interesting.