Proposed Classes

Create with Code: Apps, Web and More

New name: CSCI 1300 Create with Code: Apps, Web and More

Credits: 3 hours

Short description: The 15 week semester is divided into 5 week parts with one project every 5 weeks. These projects include: Scala (or some basic coding introduction), App Inventor (app development), and Web Development. Once a week, there is an in-class workshop, where students are allowed to go around the room and view each other’s developing projects. This workshop helps to unify the class, fight the bro-culture in tech (because everyone is supporting each other), and develop ideas. There are no tests just project check- up. There can even be a humanitarian aspect, or you could even have an overall theme. But really, the course should inspire creativity and develop computational thinking skills. At the end of the semester students will have basic coding understanding, will have created an application, and will have a personal website for themselves to use in the future.

Why: This course is needed because it encourages everyone to establish a basis of code literacy, which is necessary in order to understand our tech-focused world.

Prerequisites?: There would be no prerequisites required for this course and it would be a part of the Common Curriculum. Therefore, anyone would be able take this class at any time throughout their career here at Trinity.

Proposed Course: Introduction to Creative Technology

Module Modification- Introduction to Information Technology

New name: Introduction to Creative Technology
Credits: 3 hours
Why: The original course is not very engaging and it is confusing. We also found it is not applicable to real many real life situations.
Prerequisites needed: none
Short  description: Students will be introduced to basic coding, programming, web design, and gaming. Each student will focus on a specific semester long project.
Syllabus: Intro to general computer skills, then semester long project. Each lesson will help build project.

Proposed Course: New Literacy

The proposed class is a coding and technology class entitled New Literacy, available for 3 credit hours and designed in order to properly teach and examine skills in technology and coding. The course does not require any prerequisites and, while not part of the common curriculum, is supposed to blend in real-world information on how to properly utilize technology and encourage others to learn about the vast language that technology possesses.

The final product of the course would be to create an Iphone App. through the various lessons learned throughout the course.  There would be a focus on coding and essential technology skills over the course of the semester in the class. There would also be a basic overview on how to properly code and use coding to one’s advantage, understanding the advanced language of technology all the while.

The course is ultimately for the encouragement of students to get involved with technological processes in order to create a greater understanding for the new world literacy that is modern technology. The course emphasizes the structure and importance of technology in order to get students to become more aware of how it works in our current society, building up the students’ skills in creating new technological content over the course of the semester.

Proposed course: The New Literacy

The course would be titled The New Literacy. The final product would be an iPhone app and the whole course would be geared toward teaching students all of the processes that go into making the app, ie design, coding, graphics, layout, etc.

The course would have no prerequisites and it would be 3 hours. Ideally everyone would have to take this course and it would count toward common curriculum. For students who are more experienced in any aspect of the course there would be an option to work either in groups or individually if they feel they would like to be challenged more.
The course would go over design and layout, using adobe products such as photoshop, indesign, illustrator and premiere (they would be required to host a video in their app). Then they would move into the coding aspect of the course, it would also cover some of the logic behind coding.
At the end of the semester students will present their iPhone app to the class and constructive criticism will be offered.

Curriculum Ideas For Trinity: New Course Possibility

By: Dana, Taylor, Stephanie, Noemi

  1. Magic Behind the Mouse- The Technological animations in the World of Disney and Beyond
  2. 3 credits- Art/Computer
  3. Learn how to bring your favorite animated character to life by understanding the software that combines art with technology
  4. The growing, but sometimes mysterious industry that combines art with technology in the unique world of animated film creation.
  5. CSI-101 or any 3 credit art class will serve as pre-requisites
  6. Upper division course
  7. Syllabus:
  8. Introduction to animation
  9. Background art principles
  10. History of animation over time
  11. Technology programs used- Scratch, ALICE
  12. Creating your own character- bring them to life
  13. Overview of career opportunities in this field
  14. Final project: create a short scene using the “magic of animation”