Erin Pettigrew

pettigrewErin Pettigrew is VP Business Development for leading digital property Gawker Media where she leads a team in creating tech products and business partnerships that grow Gawker Media’s revenue. Erin has been a strategic and operational leader in the development of Gawker Media’s business across a variety of key areas: brand advertising, ecommerce, performance marketing, revenue product development, partnership building, and generally getting big ideas off the ground and into the market. Since joining Gawker Media in its very early days in 2005, her leadership has helped steward the company from early stage Manhattan media blog to what is now a news and discussion platform reaching more than 100 million readers each month. * Erin is also a former professional dancer, an advisor to technology startups on business strategy, and a graduate of Yale University.


For more information about her background and experience working at Gawker, visit the following link to read an interview with Erin:


Additionally, check out this article entitled, “This is the most important person at Gawker that you’ve never heard of”.

Hint: This person is Erin Pettigrew. Read the full article at:

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