IBM System 34



IBM’s came out with the System/34 in April of 1977 as a more economical approach to distributive data processing for all kinds of businesses. Used as many as 8 workstations and offered seven attachments including the IBM 5251 Display Station.

To read more about IBM’s System/34 click here for the IBM Archives and to find the original picture click here for Computer History Museum.


Sperry Univac 9080 Mainframe Computer


The Sperry Univac 90/80 Mainframe computer was first introduced around 1973. The 90/80 model was the high end system and was part of the Series 90 systems. These systems had an instruction set that was compatible with the IBM System/360.

To read more about the Univac 90/80 click here and to see the original picture click here for Donne nell’Informatica’s Pinterest.

IBM System/370 Model 145



The International Business Machines Corporation introduced the IBM System/370 Model 145 in 1970. It used 145 silicon memory chips, rather than magnetic core technology that had been used up to that point. One of its advantages included the ability to use IBM’s then newest and fastest disk storage devices. Read more about the IBM System/370 Model 145 here.

This picture can be found in Jennifer Keegin’s blog here.