Learning HTML: How To Make Life (easier)

I have my own blog, so I did have one very minor experience where I tried to play around with CSS, but I wouldn’t say I learned anything from trying to teach myself. Going through the tutorial on HTML and CSS on was the first time I had ever really attempted coding, so I was definitely a novice or beginner. I was very nervous going into the tutorial because I thought learning to code was going to be very difficult. I was pleasantly surprised. makes coding seem really easy, especially since they break it down into very manageable steps. Rather than being thrown into the middle of a webpage with lines of code on it, they have you actually create the lines of code one line at a time. This was really helpful because you get to see what each line means by creating it instead of just looking at it and reading an explanation.

The code I was working on.

The code I was working on. The step-by-step method makes coding seem really easy.

I will definitely finish this tutorial because learning HTML and CSS will help me make my blog the exact way I want it and I won’t have to rely on the templates I’m provided anymore. If I find that I am using these languages quite a bit, I will consider learning another language through code academy as well. Since I do want to work in a facet of the tech industry, it will be helpful to know the basics of several different coding languages so that I have a good foundation to learn even more in the future. There are a few friends I would recommend too. I have several friends who like to create things and make things their own and I feel like they would really enjoy playing around in the tutorials. I don’t think I would recommend it to my parents because I don’t think they have the patience to learn to code–especially line by line!

My "finished" product. I figured out how to center to text and picture on my own and even created a hyperlink picture.

My “finished” product. I figured out how to center to text and picture on my own and even created a hyperlink picture.

I do think this is a GREAT place for beginners, however. By the end of the tutorial section I was working on, I started to play around and learn how to make things happen on my own. You can also go back and start the tutorial over from the beginning, which I think is really helpful because you don’t have to rely on memory as you go farther into the tutorial. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience on and I can’t wait to continue learning how to code!

Learning to code

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 12.02.44 PMGoing through the levels of HTML and CSS on was my first experience doing any type of coding, so I was at a beginner level. Looking at the lines of code I was supposed to learn was really intimidating, but the program broke up the skills into different levels and gave step by step instructions of what to do, which made it easier than I thought it would be. Actually writing the code was not hard, it just took me a while to memorize what every symbol and command meant. In light of all we have learned in the Women and Technology class this semester about how coding literacy will be helpful in the future, I would definitely use Code Academy to learn more and get more experience. It was intimidating, but easy to do once I got started and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning to code. You do not need any prior knowledge about the subject to learn how to do it and the step by step instructions are very helpful and make the process very doable, so it is a great place for people, like myself, who have no experience.

Learning Ruby through

I started learning the coding language of Ruby on with only a Beginner’s knowledge. Last spring, I learned how to code HTML and CSS through, which is an education website that teaches users how to code. Code Academy explains each part of the language, but then sets you free to code on your own.

Coding in Ruby

Coding in Ruby

At first, I found Ruby to be easy to learn, but as I learned more of the language, I had some trouble remembering every step and realizing that every symbol that I typed had a specific function. Sometimes, I would think that the code was completely right, but then I would submit it, and the program would tell me that it was wrong. This was the most frustrating part because not only did I not know what exactly was wrong, but also the code would appear to be correct. That being said, I would definitely recommend Code Academy to my friends because I think that it is fun, challenging and educational. Code Academy is the sort of program that you can use whenever you want without any previous knowledge or experience. On the other hand, I probably would not recommend it to my parents for multiple reasons. One, my parents do not really spend that much time on the internet, or the computer, unless it is for work. Two, my dad, especially, does not fully understand technology. Lastly, neither of them need code within their careers. Code Academy would probably just frustrate them.

Overall, I think that Code Academy is a good place for people with limited coding experience to begin learning how to code. Learning to code can be difficult and intimidating, but Code Academy gives you a basic understanding and allows you to practice coding in a fun and safe environment. Although Code Academy does not make you an expert in code, it expands your knowledge of coding and starts you off on your coding journey.