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Coding Day Camp: Java

When first told that I would have to try to attempt coding, I was a bit nervous. As someone who has not coded a day in her life, I was worried that I would fail epically in the assignment. I thought that coding with any programing language was something that required a certain type of intelligence, something that I did not posses. None the less, I knew I had to complete the assignment, so I created an account on Code Academy, and started the tutorial on Java.

To my surprise and delight, I was not only able to complete the entire tutorial, but also completed it without very little problems. Code Academy did an excellent job walking me through all the activities, while still ensuring that I was still learning the program. In fact, after I completed the first tutorial on Java, I felt tempted to start a new tutorial on another language. Code Academy was able to challenge my views on who is able to code, and what coding is about. No longer was coding a scary field that only a few gifted individuals were able to learn, but something that everyone (including a novice like myself) could potentially thrive in. I would highly recommend Code Academy to anyone who wants to learn to code, but does not believe that they can.

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The J stands for John – jQuery

I got a badge!

I got a badge!

I don’t really think I’m an expert in anything but I also wouldn’t call myself an intermediate. I’m a comp sci major so I’ve definitely coded before but there’s also a lot I don’t know about coding! I actually thought this was a bit harder than I thought. I haven’t really done much programming on websites – outside of basic HTML/CSS – so I wanted to try out jQuery. I’ve learned a few languages but it’s really weird coding websites. The syntax is markedly different from C-based languages – python, Java, C++. Lots of parenthesis, dollar signs and nesting functions. The tutorial was pretty helpful and jQuery was great because of how visual it was. There’s something very rewarding about jQuery’s animations and special effects.

I think coding is important and Code Academy is a good avenue to learn but I still think there’s nothing like having someone who cares about the subject and the learner. A physical coding camp, a friend or a class would, in my opinion, be the best way for a complete beginner.

HTML & CSS: My Experience with Code Academy

I decided to do the HTML & CSS lesson on Code Academy as a basic introduction to coding. Unlike many of my peers who learned HTML & CSS because of neopets or what have you, I never got into that so I never really learned the basics. It wasn’t until college that I started wanting to know how to code and how to create things or change things using code. Before singing up for Code Academy I had no coding experience whatsoever. No computer class in high school or my first year of college had even touched upon how to use coding languages.

The Code Academy lesson was easy to follow and I liked that I could go at my own pace and stop whenever I wanted. The lesson is broken up into six parts and each part has two sections to complete. I finished five out of the six parts, so in total I did ten sections. HTML & CSS were much easier to understand and complete than I initially expected. It was very basic coding and easily applicable to things I already do, such as blogging.  The language wasn’t something I was familiar with,  but after doing a couple of lessons it was easy to remember the basic structure of the code and how it should work. I also dabbled in Javascript for a Mobile Gaming class I’m taking, but I won’t share that screenshot since I basically turned a dungeon game into a game about cosmetics. What can I say? Coding and lipstick go hand in hand for me. Though Code Academy may not be the greatest end all resource out there for coding, I think it’s a great introduction to different coding languages and might be a nice gateway into more complex things. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to start dabbling in coding and feels apprehensive about it. To me, a beginner, it seems like a good website for people with limited coding experience to start learning how to code. Nevertheless, I know some people can get frustrated with Code Academy, but I think it’s still a great way to get people interested in coding.


Coding Day Camp!

coding day camp

Prior to this Coding Day Camp, I would place my level of expertise at the intermediate level. I used Code Academy in my Essential Information and Technology course during my first year and, when I signed on for the camp, I realized I was about 48% through the HTML & CSS section. Despite this progress from my EIT class, I had not been on the site in a while and was a little scared to dive back into coding. Surprisingly, once I began navigating the site again, the coding language was easier than I remembered. I also really appreciated the hints that were offered during every exercise. The only time I used one was when I was having issues with the image. When I realized I was coding correctly, it gave me a confidence boost and I then concluded the issue may have just been either the url or simply because the image did not show up in the preview mode.

I would definitely consider completing this tutorial and starting another one. Not simply because it was easier than I remembered, but mainly due to the knowledge I have gained in this class. I now have a new appreciation for coding and see how valuable it is to be skilled in this area. There is a huge opportunity for coders in the work force and practice on this site may be the key to an amazing job in the future.

Considering my dad, sister and brother all work in the tech field, I would love to recommend it to them to see them go back to the basics. On the other hand, my mom needs a lot of help when it comes to technology so I would love for her to experience the site to see if she finds it either useful or interesting.

I believe this site is a great place to begin. It is informative and fun but, most importantly, encourages you every step of the way. This is crucial because consistent motivation is necessary whenever you are stepping into new territory and trying something new. I especially like the badges the site awards you when you finish a section (like the one shown in my screenshot). These awards not only make you feel accomplished, but they make you want to keep improving and learning more which is the exact mentality that we desperately need more of in this field today!

I did not Cry



Coding is pretty amazing because it encompasses the wonders of language and the technical aspects of math; through analytics. As such I am no expert at languages and I almost detest math. Before creating a page on Codeacademy I have to admit I was a bit intimidated as I had almost no prior experience with coding. It was however much easier than I originally expected. I thought I was going to cry through the whole experience and yet the site was so helpful in guiding me step by step. If coding is the interest of anybody I would definitely advice using Codeacademy, it is so helpful for starters and as a basic introduction. My favorite aspect were the simple instructions that each step laid out, it was not only easy to understand but easy to follow with right after. I don’t think that I will be spending much more time on it since coding would have to be a language I want to pursue further, but it was definitely something I’m proud of trying.

Learning HTML & CSS

This was my first time since middle school dealing with code. I remember I had a class where we made a game using python and I thought it was pretty cool, but nothing was ever reinforced in the rest of the curriculum. I used to use Dreamweaver in high school, but I always had it in design mode instead of trying to code it. Some of the tags looked familiar to me and CSS was pretty easy to get the hang of. I would definitely consider finishing this tutorial; in fact I will probably go through all the codeacademy tutorials this summer before I start Principles of Computer Science next semester (double major whoop!). I think codeacademy is a great place for people to learn how to begin coding. The site is designed to be very forgiving and consistently reinforces what was covered in previous sections. Plus now I can understand the text tab on wordpress posts!Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.45.18 PM