Proposed courses

Proposed Course: New Literacy

The proposed class is a coding and technology class entitled New Literacy, available for 3 credit hours and designed in order to properly teach and examine skills in technology and coding. The course does not require any prerequisites and, while not part of the common curriculum, is supposed to blend in real-world information on how to properly utilize technology and encourage others to learn about the vast language that technology possesses.

The final product of the course would be to create an Iphone App. through the various lessons┬álearned throughout the course. ┬áThere would be a focus on coding and essential technology skills over the course of the semester in the class. There would also be a basic overview on how to properly code and use coding to one’s advantage, understanding the advanced language of technology all the while.

The course is ultimately for the encouragement of students to get involved with technological processes in order to create a greater understanding for the new world literacy that is modern technology. The course emphasizes the structure and importance of technology in order to get students to become more aware of how it works in our current society, building up the students’ skills in creating new technological content over the course of the semester.