code_camp = “Python”

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.06.35 AMWhen it comes to coding I am an enthusiastic beginner! As an aspiring computer science major, working on Code Academy is nothing new to me. This time around—because I have very basic practice in Scala and HTML—I figured, “what the hay” and tried something completely new: Python. Python is awesome. And while some of the different assignments made more sense to me now with a semester of CS under my belt, I thought the course was intuitive and well paced. Things like comparisons and Booleans may have seemed daunting a few months ago, but the course did a really good job of taking me through each step and explaining each action. I loved working with the tutorial, but I don’t think any online service will ever replace learning from an experienced and caring teacher, especially if you have absolutely no experience (like me at the start of the semester!).

I definitely plan to complete the Python course and I am really excited to take more beginner courses like Ruby and jQuery on Code Academy. While I really enjoyed what I’ve done for Python so far, I do think this is because I have had formal teaching in CS in school. Certain actions came easily to me because I have done it before. So if I were to recommend this to a friend it would most likely be one who already has some basic coding experience or one who is looking for a fun challenge. People should not be deterred from coding just because it seems like it is hard. Coding is fun and with the right teacher or course anyone can learn something new!

Code Academy- Python

I made a Code Academy account last year for my Essential Information Technology class. We were instructed to complete the HTML & CSS section, but because of the deadline I felt like I ended up rushing through the last few tutorial sections and did not get as firm of a grasp on the language as I could have. Python was definitely more difficult than CSS, but still manageable. I believe that this website is an incredible asset to anyone wanting to learn about coding. As far as tutorials go I would say it’s much more hands on and accessible and aims to help people not only manage different coding languages, but actually use, apply, remember and truly learn them. While I would only recommend the website to family and friends who I think are interested in coding, I think tools like this should definitely be utilized in classrooms. However, I think it is essential that teachers using Code Academy realize that students will pick up the language at different paces and should be conscious of making sure kids don’t see the course as a race against the clock or against one another.